WWE Fantasy Power Rankings/ Superstar Shakeup Predictions (April 2019 Week 2)


#1 Seth Rollins

After slaying the Beast Incarnate at Wrestlemania, and following a great match-turned awful on RAW, Seth Rollins sits atop the rankings this week. As the world champ on the flagship show heading into the Superstar Shakeup, the view is good.

#2 Kofi Kingston

Kofi-Mania ran at Wrestlemania as the elder statesman of The New Day ended Daniel Bryan’s 145 day WWE Championship Reign. Kofi is a world champion, but is also flanked by the other members of The New Day, while Seth Rollins is going it alone. Will The New Day stay together through The Superstar Shakeup?

#3 “The Man” Becky Lynch

The Man is the champ. A double champ, actually. Becky Lynch claimed both the Raw and Smackdown Women’s Championships beating Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair in a winner takes all match. The high did not last long, as Lynch was attacked twice in the last week by Lacey Evans. Becky got the storybook ending of her feud with Rousey and Flair, but can she compete with The Sassy Southern Belle?

#4 Shane McMahon

“The Best in the Woooooooooorld” laid full claim to that moniker at Wrestlemania, defeating The Miz in a fantastic falls count anywhere match. After beating up The Miz’s dad two times in a month, and repeated harassment of ring announcer Greg Hamilton, along with his power as a McMahon, Shane is the best bad guy on Smackdown.

#5 Braun Strowman

Winning his feud with Colin Jost and Michael Che didn’t surprise anyone. Braun winning the Andre The Giant Memorial Cup didn’t surprise anyone. His attack on Samoa Joe did surprise some people. Braun is the most formidable monster the WWE has seen since Big Show and Kane were in their respective primes. With good momentum heading into the Superstar Shakeup, Strowman has a lot of momentum on his side. Are we looking at the next United State Champion?

#6 Samoa Joe

Joe made quick work of Rey Mysterio at Wrestlemania, retaining his United States Championship in the process. Then on Smackdown, Joe laid out R-Truth and held his own in a brawl with Braun Strowman, not something most people can say. The Strowman part, I mean. Most people have laid out R-Truth. Was the brawl a tease of something to come? One thing’s for sure, if Strowman lands on the same brand as Joe, The Samoan Submission Machine will have a lot on his hands.

#7 The Bar

Despite not winning the Smackdown Tag Team Championships at Wrestlemania, The Bar is still looking very strong. They were involved in the main events of both Raw and Smackdown this week and have a decent amount of momentum heading into the Superstar Shakeup. The Bar could definitely breath some new life into the Raw Tag Team division.

#8 Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan lost his WWE Championship to Kofi Kingston at Wrestlemania and is reportedly taking some time off for an injury. In addition to this, it’s unlikely he will be working the next Saudi Arabia Pay Per View on June 7th. Despite all this, Daniel Bryan is solidly in the top 10 thanks to his lengthy title reign of 145 days. Bryan will surely be at the Superstar Shakeup this week.

#9 Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn returned this past week to thunderous adulation from the post Wrestlemania Raw crowd. His first match back form injury was against WWE Intercontinental Champion Finn Balor. Though he came up short, Sami cut an amazing promo that demeaned the WWE Universe as the reason his work environment was so toxic. Sami appeared the next night on Smackdown right before the main event seemingly to cut another promo, but was too disgusted. Appearing back to back nights and getting a lot of mic time, this could be Sami’s time to shine.

#10 Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar lost the Universal Championship to Seth Rollins at Wrestlemania and has seemingly faded into the darkness once again. Most assumed Brock would be going for another UFC run, but following comments made by UFC President Dana White, the rumored MMA bout with Frank Mir is not in the cards right now. Does this mean Brock will be a part of the Superstar Shakeup? With another Saudi PPV around the corner, Brock could be looking for one more large, easy paycheck.


#11 Lacey Evans

After months of strutting down the entrance ramp night after night, before mysteriously returning backstage never to do a thing, Lacey Evans finally did something. She attacked Becky Lynch two nights in a row. Lacey got a solid punch in on RAW before Becky gained the upper hand in a brawl, but Lacey was clearly the one standing tall on Smackdown. Going from 0 to “title fued” with a double champion was enough to get Lacey placed just outside the top 10.

#12 Drew McIntyre

The Scottish Psychopath came up short against Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania but, like Reigns, was absent from the show Monday. Possibly taking a night off to recuperate from a very middle of the road match at Wrestlemania, McIntyre was back on Tuesday, teaming with The Bar in a losing effort to The New Day. Having been a consistent mainstay in the jumbled RAW midcard of the last several months, McIntyre is still a legitimate threat. Could the Superstar Shakeup move him further up the card?

#13 Finn Balor

Finn Balor won The Intercontinental Championship from Bobby Lashley at Wrestlemania, but it took the help of “The Demon” to do so. The Demon aspect of Finn’s character is a double edged sword. On the one hand, “The Demon” is so strong, it’s gotten him top titles including The NXT and Universal Championships. On the other hand, what does that say about Finn Balor? It was one thing when The Demon came out in a high profile championship match to push Finn that extra inch, but if he’s pulling it out to barely scrape out a win for a mid-card championship, what does that say about regular Finn? Despite that, he is the Intercontinental Champion, and did beat a returning Sami Zayn on RAW.

#14 Randy Orton

Randy Orton lost to AJ Styles at Wrestlemania, but unlike AJ, Randy was on Smackdown the following Tuesday. While the victor (not the one from Ascension) of the match is at home rehabbing a minor injury, Orton was giving Ali an RKO following a six man tag match Orton was not involved in. Why would Orton do this? Possibly to gain momentum heading into the shakeup.


#15 Lars Sullivan

“The Freak” Lars Sullivan finally made his debut on Monday Night RAW, attacking Kurt Angle. Something that is not as impressive in 2019 as it would have been in 1999. He followed up the next night by attacking the new Smackdown Live Tag Team Champions, The Hardy Boyz. While a monster attacking people in brutal ways (like a flying headbutt), it would be more impressive to see him attack someone who was not A) retired or B) had just finished a grueling championship match. While impressive and building momentum, Lars will have to do better to be taken as a full blown monster.

#16 Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley lost his Intercontinental title to Finn Balor at Wrestlemania. Well, he lost it to The Demon. The fact that it took Balor breaking out The Demon to beat him shows just how strong Lashley is. On RAW, Lashley laid out Dean Ambrose, robbing him of his farewell match in WWE. With Lashley still under contract to Bellator MMA, and his age not getting any younger, we could also soon be seeing the last of Lashley in a WWE ring.

#17 Aleister Black and Ricochet

The two NXT stars have been a formidable duo since teaming up several months ago. Of the recent NXT call-ups, Black and Ricochet have been the only ones consistently on TV wrestling. With back to back to back title matches for the RAW, NXT, and Smackdown tag titles leading up to and on the Wrestlemania card, it’s clear that Black and Ricochet are nothing to mess with. Despite losing all of these bouts, the two looked great all around. Will the Superstar Shakeup split up these two? If so, where will they land on the card on their new homes?

#18 Baron Corbin

For some reason, Baron Corbin was the person to retire Kurt Angle at Wrestlemania 35. Formerly, “The Man with the Most Ungodly Hair in WWE” turned “The vest there is, the vest there was, and the vest there ever will be,” beat Kurt Angle clean on Sunday before taking an Angle Slam the following night on RAW. Corbin has some momentum and a feather in his cap heading into the Superstar Shakeup, can he do anything with it?

#19 AJ Styles

After beating Randy Orton at Wrestlemania on Sunday, AJ Styles was absent from Smackdown Live. He clarified on a gaming stream that the reason for this was a combination of a few things. First, he usually takes a few days off following Mania. Second, he has a minor hip injury- basically a sprain- that means he just needs to take it easy for a short bit to rehab. Will AJ be ready for the Superstar Shakeup?

#20 Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens was left off the Wrestlemania card completely. One of the best performers in the entire company, that was in the WWE Championship picture just a month before wasn’t even in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. He gave a stunner to Rusev on Smackdown for some reason that was not readily clear. This tiny bit of momentum hopefully means Owens is gearing up for some big things following the Superstar Shakeup.