This Day in Pop Culture History September 6, 1972: Idris Elba was born

47 years ago Idris Elba was born in Hackney, London, England. Since then the actor has graced both screen and stage with his presence all over the world. To celebrate this talented actor’s birthday, here are some fun facts!

1. A Star

Idris Elba has nearly 100 roles (more than 100 if you count commercials) on his filmography including 43 film roles, 47 television roles, 3 video game roles, and 6 music video roles.

2. Heimdall

Idris played the role Heimdall, the gatekeeper of Asgard, in five different movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

3. DJ Idris Elba?

Elba sometimes DJs under the moniker “DJ Big Driis” (or “Big Driis the Londoner”). As a kid, he actually helped his uncle with his wedding DJ business before starting his own.

4. Cha-Ching

Idris’ films have grossed over $9.8 billion worldwide. Thank you, Marvel! (Also Finding Dory, Zootopia, The Jungle Book remake and all of the massively successful films he’s been a part of.)

5. Taking names and kickboxing some ass

Idris Elba has a 100% win record in kickboxing! Well, his record is 1-0, but that’s still impressive. Elba was the focus of a Discovery Channel produced documentary, Idris Elba: Fighter, that followed Elba on a 12 month journey to become a trained kickboxer and mixed martial artist.

6. One sexy knight

Okay, so Idris Elba isn’t technically a knight. There’s a lot of convoluted info on the English knighting system, but basically he’s about two or three steps below a knight and that’s really cool. What is undisputed is that Elba won People’s Sexiest Man Alive award in 2018.

7. Mumford and Sons and Edris Elba

As far as unlikely pairings go, Idris Elba and Mumford and Sons are fairly high on the list. Elba actually directed and had a small role in the music video for Mumford and Sons’ “Lover of the Light.”