This Artist Drew A Single Line for 24 Hours. Video + Interview

Recently I came across a youtube video of an artist that not only decided to draw for 24 hours straight, but drew a single line for 24 hours straight. A single line. That’s incredible. What’s even more incredible is that I couldn’t really find any info on who this artist was. I knew his name was Brady, he had an Instagram page, and he drew a single line for 24 hours. So I decided to reach out, and thankfully Brady was gracious enough to give me an interview! You’ll find it below the video.

Tyler: To start, I can’t find much info on you on the internet. How old are you and where are you from?

Brady: I'm 19 years old but I was 18 when the video was filmed. I was born in North Carolina but I grew up in Georgia for most of my childhood. 

Tyler: Are you self taught as an artist?

Brady: Yes, very much so. After sophomore year in high school I was able to convince my art teacher to let me work on whatever I pleased and since then I've been completely self directed. My family couldn't afford art school so I have to make sure I'm staying out of my comfort zone if I want to learn and progress. Commissions also force me to learn quickly. I'll take on large projects that I'm unsure about and force myself to figure it out. I work very well under pressure and this way I'm getting paid to learn rather than going into debt. 


Tyler: Is continuous line drawing your main style?

Brady: I would say it's the style that most people know me for but in my mind it's just one branch of my art. Most people don't see how many projects I actually work on. I tend to be very selective with what I post and share. My next show after the Line show will likely be focused on painting rather than drawing. 

Now about the video:

Tyler: Where did you get the idea of drawing a single line for 24 hours?

Brady: I'm always thinking of ways I can challenge myself and push my art further. In the past I have drawn without lifting the pen for up to 4 hours and only had to stop to use the bathroom. I would never run out of things to draw. So I wondered how long I could go if I found a way around all of the obstacles that cut my drawings short. I really loved the concept of being inside a drawing for an entire day. So I began planning. Four months later I was sitting in a chair with a bucket next to me and 50 feet of paper in front of me. 

Tyler: You mentioned in the video you were trying to save your brain. How far in advance did you think about what you were drawing next?

Brady: When I draw, my goal is for my pen to be synchronized with my mind. I want to show what unfiltered free thought truly looks like. For me it's quite messy and confusing and I believe that carries over to my drawings all the time. Occasionally I'll stick to drawing one building or object for a little while even though my mind continues to wander but I try to just draw what I'm thinking the moment that it comes into my head. 

Tyler: Who helped you with your project?

Brady: My good friend and award winning filmmaker, Mckinley Benson filmed and edited the whole video. He also helped bring me food occasionally. My brother was also there bringing food, water, and emptying the piss bucket periodically. 

Tyler: Do you plan on doing similar projects in the future? Any chance you will top 24 hours?

Brady: I definitely want to keep challenging myself but right now I'm not sure what that will look like. I would say the chances of me drawing a line for even longer are pretty slim because I don't like the idea of doing the same thing over again. I'd rather come up with a new concept than just extend the time. 

Tyler: What were you listening to for all that time?

Brady: I listened to about 19 albums and 4 podcasts. In my playlist I included albums by a wide variety of artists such as Pink Floyd, Nas, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, etc. I wanted to avoid listening to the same type of music for so long. The podcasts were just to give myself benchmarks. Every time I reached a podcast I knew that it had been about 5 hours. 

Tyler: What's the best way for people to support you?

Brady: Right now the best way people can support me is by coming to my exhibition or following my instagram. I say that because once I have prints and shirts made, they will be announced on my page so keeping up with that is a big help. I also am always doing commissioned pieces and occasionally sell art directly off of my instagram page.  @artofbrady on instagram. 

Tyler: Anything else you want people to know?

Brady: I'd like people to know that my goal when I sit down to draw is to be honest. I try not to draw just to please or impress people. I want to show them a piece of my life and my mind without glorification in hopes that it will make them feel less alone with their thoughts and struggles.  

A big thank you to Brady for the interview. The dude is seriously talented and deserves any support you can give, so follow him on instagram and maybe consider him for a commission.

Article by Tyler Wood Owner of The Nerd Guide.