On This Day In Pop Culture History: September 9th, 1995 The Playstation Was Released

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On September 9th, 1995, the original was released in North America. Primarily competing for sales with the N64, this piece of video game history was a staple in many “90’s kids” childhoods. Here are some quick facts to celebrate the birthday or a classic console.

1. The Playstation Was Popular

The console sold 102.49 million units before it was discontinued in March of 2006. How long before I can get a retro one at Walmart?

2. Gran Turismo Is The #1 Seller

Gran Turismo was the #1 selling game for the original Playstation selling 10.85 million copies. The game grew into a franchise that has totaled more than 85 million units sold across more than ten games.

3. Big in Japan First

The console was originally released in Japan almost a year before it was released in North America. It was released in Japan on December 3rd, 1994. It sold 100,000 units on its first day and 2 million units in its first six months on the market.

4. No Analog Sticks

As strange as it is to think about playing video games without joysticks, that’s how it was for those with the original Playstation controllers. Though, these controllers were quickly replaced with the dual analog stick controllers we all know and love.

5. Big News At The First E3

Playstation had one of its first big public showings at the very first Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in May 1995. After Sega announced its Saturn console would retail at $399, Steve Race, a key player at Sony, took the stage and made a very short announcement. “$299.”

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